Originally created 08/15/98

Refutes 'facts' reported on sign issue 081598 - The Augusta Chronicle

One's tongue can do an awful lot of damage or good. It's like a small rudder that controls a great ship. The written word is even more forceful. A newspaper reporter or editor should strive diligently to know the facts prior to writing an article. Please allow me to correct a few errors in your Aug. 8 article, "Sign creates many levels of controversy."

I do not own the sign in question, or the land under it.

I have no input into the architectural or advertising aspects of the sign.

I did not apply for a variance for the sign.

I do not know Columbia County Planning Commissioner Steve Brown and was astounded at his quote in the article. I have spent my entire political career serving the people who elected me and have never sought to use my position for personal gain.

The amendment to Georgia House Bill 1304 affecting all billboards in Georgia was written by the Department of Transportation and offered in the House, not the Senate. The deputy commissioner of the Department of Transportation will confirm this.

Taking every precaution to avoid the perception of impropriety, I chose not to vote on House Bill 1304.

The president of Lamar Advertising, Rhett Enzor will confirm that I do not own the sign, nor did I make a request for a variance. The corporation in which I am a minor stockholder will not receive any additional monetary gain from this variance. ...

Sen. Don Cheeks, Augusta

(Editor's note: The writer is the state senator for the 23rd district.)


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