Originally created 08/05/98

Notes Columbia Co. 'water shortage' 080598 - The Augusta Chronicle

As usual, The Chronicle has acted its role as community watchdog more like a neutered tabby. I refer to the curious lack of interest in the Columbia Countywater shortage. For weeks you paraded headlines and editorials on allegations of mismanagement in the Augusta water department. But it's Columbia County that remains under rationing by the ukase of Commission Chairman Jim Whitehead and his cronies.

In a recent article, Mr. Whitehead (the single greatest argument extant for having "none of the above" as a ballot option) is shown taking credit for a groundbreaking in yet another development. Note to the reality-challenged Mr. Whitehead: New development means more people you can't supply with the basic services.

My questions:

Is the county water shortage due to a broken main? No.

Is the water shortage the result of pumps going down? Nope -- they still work; in recent months the county pumped 30 million gallons of water to Augusta. The problem is the system is incapable of supplying sufficient water on a daily basis.

So, what action did Mr. Whitehead and the rest of the profiteers, grifters and pompous mental and moral deficients of the County Commission take? Plans to expand the system to meet at least current demand? What, and divert more money from their pet pork projects? Nope; they voted to fine citizens who use too much of the commissioners' water. Problem solved.

It's past time these petty despots read the big print of what government is for: to provide fire and police protection, roads and bridges, and sewer and water. I used to have a sign on my desk that said, "Your inability to plan or execute your responsibilities in a timely fashion does not constitute an emergency on my part." Except, evidently, in Columbia County.

Dave Stewart, Grovetown


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