Originally created 08/04/98

Defends Ken Starr against 'diatribe' 080498 - The Augusta Chronicle

Sukumar Banerjee (letter, July 31) attacks Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr in another dia-tribe echoing those made by President Bill Clinton's defenders.

To set the record straight, these are the facts about Mr. Starr:

He is a distinguished former solicitor general of the United States whom Mr. Clinton himself was considering for appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court. He was appointed to investigate Mr. Clinton by the president's own attorney general, Janet Reno, and his work has been continually validated by the courts. The scope and cost of the investigations reflect the depth of illegality in the Clinton administration and the strategy of "deny, delay and demonize" practiced by the president, his wife and his staff.

It is Mr. Clinton who has caused the expenditure of millions, not Mr. Starr. Mr. Banerjee argues that truth is relative; every major world religion says otherwise.

The president's politics are one thing; his felonious behavior is something else. Leave Mr. Starr alone, Mr. Banerjee. Unlike Mr. Clinton, he's interested in the truth.

Keith Shafer, Augusta


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