Originally created 08/01/98

Blasts senator's 'hypocritical' letter 080198 - The Augusta Chronicle

James Lawrence Moody's (letter, July 25) interpretation of the political letter by Sen. CharlesWalker, D-Augusta, is right on the money. Fortunately, the (endorsed black) candidates were more than highly qualified. ...

I became resentful while reading Mr. Walker's endorsement letter. However, my reasoning was different. I felt the senator was being a hypocrite. He failed to respond or even acknowledge indigent requests for help. Yet, he professes to be concerned with helping his people to better their quality of life (at the same time, helping to better his personal businesses).

The estimated half million dollars or more of the taxpayers' money he has borrowed could have provided the funds necessary to assist the non-criminal indigent defense. Currently, there are no legal defenses available for the elderly, honest and minority people. Outside of the Department of Human Resources, no one else (cares) about the plight of the aforementioned people.

I used to say it existed in theory -- but now, not even in theory. If you're not a criminal in need of a civil defense, there is no one available to defend (you). Sen. Walker is well aware of this lack of assistance. Apparently, his personal life precedes the lives of those who elected him.

Calls or letters to U.S. Sen. Max Cleland, D-Ga., and U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood, R-Ga., are always acknowledged with advice or an apology for not being able to grant relief.

My list of attorneys and representatives failing to assist minorities seeking legal assistance totals more than 30. Sen. Walker and just about every black attorney listed under "civil" in the yellow pages or on a list providing potential attorneys willing to assist are on that list. I regret to say, successful black people in this area have turned a cold shoulder to the less fortunate members of their race.

Bernard W. Clark, Hephzibah


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