Originally created 08/01/98

Insists wage taxes unconstitutional 080198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Is there anyone who believes the propaganda coming out of Washington about a kinder, gentler Internal Revenue Service?

How soon we forget history. It was only in the mid 1980s that then-President Ronald Reagan and Congress made all those changes that would make the IRS honest and look out for the taxpayers.

Has anyone read our Constitution lately? The 16th Amendment allows the taxation of income from whatever source derived. The definition of income at the time (1914) was profit and gains derived from a source. Congress also promised the people that this amendment would never be used to tax our wages -- wages being a fair exchange of work for money, and this creates no income.

The War Powers Act of 1943 allowed Americans to voluntarily donate 37 percent of their wages and have the employer deduct it from their pay and send it to the government. This act was designed to pay off our war debt and expired in 1945.

Now if Congress wants justice for taxpayers, let's start indictments and prosecutions for all those IRS agents who have broken the tax codes. Tax codes cannot be laws because the Constitution does not allow them (to be). ...

Stan Flowers, Beech Island


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