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Fishing report

Have an urge to go catfishing? For just $6, you can head to Faye & Joann's Lakes and get your craving satisfied.

Lots of fishermen around the area are making the jaunt over to the lakes and hauling in some nice catches. It seems these ugly things will eat just about anything, including worms, chicken live and shrimp.

Each month, around 6,000-8,000 catfish are stocked into the ponds. Even though it isn't a guarantee you'll leave with some catfish, the odds are on your side.

Faye & Joann's Lakes are located on Nowell Drive, just off the Gordon Highway.

-- There's the Super Bowl in football, the World Series in baseball, Wimbledon in tennis, The Master's for golf and then there's the Bass Masters Classic in fishing.

Beginning Thursday, Aug. 6, the best bass anglers in the country will converge on Greensboro, N.C. for the 28th annual world tournament, which draws fishermen from as far away as Japan, Italy and Zibabwe.

Fourty-six anglers will compete for the $100,000 first place prize. Included in the roster is five world champions, including the only four-time winner Rick Clunn. TV fishing show star Roland martin, who holds the record for the most Bass Master tournament wins at 19, is also among the participants.

Soap Creek Lodge, Lincolnton, Ga. (Toye & Sue Hill, 1-706-359-3124) --

A few more fishermen are hitting the water and having some success catching a few largemouth bass. Most the bass are being caught on top water lures, especially floating worms and Zarra Spooks top water plugs.

The recent rains to the area have helped the oxygen content at the lake and has helped bass fishing tremendously. Don Morrison of Lincolnton hauled in a limit of 10 largemouth bass earlier this week. Also, Dewayne Reese of Lincolnton hauled in a nice 4.2 pound bass this week.

Crappie fishing is still pretty good at the Lake, mostly at night.


Jim Ware, U.S. Coast Guard-licensed professional fishing guide specializing in hybrids and striped bass, Plum Branch Yacht Club, Plum Branch, S.C. (1-864-443-5399) -- Judy Sharp, her nice Natalie and her brother Jimmy fished with me on Monday. The weather was perfect, an overcast day with decent temperatures. However, the water temperature was around 86-87 degrees, so hot that you couldn't keep your bait alive.

We caught only six fish on the day, after getting an early start Monday morning and staying on the water almost until noon. Natalie caught an eight-pound hybrid bass. We caught more gar than anything.

SAVANNAH RIVER, New Savannah Bluff Lock & Dam

Lock and Dam Bait and Tackle (Bob Baurie and Finley Peel), 1-706-793-8053 -- Fishermen have been having success with red bellies, bluegill bream, catfish and some nice mullet being caught in the horseshoe Dead River area and along the high banks. Baurie said a fishermen left the river with some 80 pounds of catfish Thursday morning.

Most of the fish are being caught with crickets and worms. In addition, many fisherman are having success catching blue gills and red bellies with Little Joe flies.

Baurie reminds fishermen that if they walk from the boat ramp down the river, they can catch all the fish they want instead of trying to fish around the lock & dam areas. Baurie and Peel said they caught around 40 nice blue gills earlier this week, tossing around 100 back into the water.

Joe Mix, Island Outfitters, Beaufort, S.C. (1-843-522-9900) -- Each year when water temperatures climb into the mid 80's and even higher in the shallows, speckled trout and spot tail bass feeding activity slows. Local anglers call it the summer fishing doldrums. Some species such as tarpon and jack cravelle seem to thrive in warm conditions while whiting, croker and flounder move into deeper, cooler bottoms and their feeding habits see ineffective. Offshore, king mackerel becomes scare but catches usually rebound by late Augusta.

Spanish mackerel, blues, barracuda, amberjack and spadefish seem to thrive in high temperatures while most bottom species migrate further off the coast seeking cooler habitats.

Charter captains continue to report exceptionally tarpon action. Captain Trevor Strever favors drifting live menhaden or mullet along the north-south bars just off bay point on the Port Royal side where tarpon can be seen schooling right up on the bar. Captain Doug Gertis prefers live ling the same baits just south of the Broad River Hwy. 170 bridge.

The Beaufort Sport Fishing Club is conducting a 10 species tournament next Saturday. Entry is fee is only $50 per boat is a $1000 grand prize plus many other prizes and awards. All details and rules will be available at the 7 p.m. Friday, Aug. 7 captains meeting to be held at the Port Royal Landing Marina in Port Royal.

Raysville Marina, near Thomson, Ga. (Doug Pentecost, Leon Buffington, 1-706-595-5582) -- Bobby Turner and Jim Seeger caught about 30 pounds of crappie last week, fishing about 80-feet deep. They were also catching herrin about 50-feet deep. Small hybrids (about a pound to pond and half) have been schooling in the Big Creek area.

A few shellcrackers are being caught and some catfish are being caught out of the fish house.

FAYE & JOANNE'S LAKES (Formerly Sears Lakes) 1-706-722-8263

The highlight of the week was Earl Jenkins, hauling in a 40-pound catfish on a small bream and catching five bream on red worms. But there's plenty of more action.

Rosa Lafover pulled in a 10-pound cat on chicken liver. Mike Kent caught one the few bass of the week, reeling in an eight-pounder on a rubber lizard. Robbie and Kim Johnson didn't do bad this week either. Robbie snagged a 10-pound cat while Kim pulled in a four-pound catfish, both were caught on liver. Michael and Dallas Rogers caught a 10-pound and seven-pound catfish respectively on shrimp.

Albrida Quinn caught eight catfish weighing two pounds or better on liver while Carl Smith hauled in a 10-pound catfish and 10 more weighing two pounds or more on liver. James Johnson caught five bream on red worms, then caught six catfish three pounds each on liver. Mary Sue Smith caught 15 catfish on liver.

Debbie Hughes caught a six-pound bass on a spinner bait and 10 bream on red worms. Bobby Coleman hooked a 12-pound catfish, then hauled in 25 cats two pounds or better. Jack Coleman caught 15 bream on worms while Betty Fisher caught 10 bream on red worms and five catfish on flattails.

Charles Burley caught 12 catfish, totaling 24 pounds on liver. And Doug Bedgood caught 18 catfish, four of which were over 10 pounds each. The rest were two pounds or more.


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