Originally created 07/31/98

Urges a Taylor vote for the future 073198 - The Augusta Chronicle

On Aug. 11 voters in the Democratic Party primary will face a real choice for lieutenant governor. On the one hand we have Mary Margaret Oliver, a true Clinton-style Democrat. She's a big-taxing, big spending, big government, Constitution-bashing liberal of the first order. Gov. Zell Miller doesn't want her, Roy Barnes doesn't want her and you don't want her either.

On the other hand, you could choose Mark Taylor, a conservative Democrat with a proven record of common sense voting. He's a man who has a reverence for our Constitution and the Bill of Rights -- every single one of them, not just the few that are politically correct. Messrs. Barnes and Taylor are the only winning ticket for the Democratic Party. ...

Your vote in this primary runoff will determine the future of the Democratic Party in Georgia.

Phillip A. Williams, Augusta

(Editor's note: The writer is Vice President of the Georgia Sport Shooting Association.)


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