Originally created 07/31/98

Sees different laws in Starr's universe 073198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Based on various pronouncements and actions of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, I have been able to deduce the following laws that govern his universe.

Pursuit of justice (even in case of small lies, white lies or taking a pencil home from the work place) is absolute. The theory of relativity (meaning relative importance) does not apply. We must be willing to commit our entire national resource, bear any burden (huge legal bill) or make any sacrifice (friendship or family relationship) toward that end.

The truth is Mr. Starr's version of events. In an Einsteinian universe, truth is one version of events and depends on the location of the observer.

Nobody, including God (who obeys the laws of the physical universe), is above the law, except Mr. Starr. Mr. Starr must be totally free to pursue the cause of justice even at the risk of violating rights and privileges of individual citizens.

It is the duty of the defense lawyer and the defendant to cooperate with the prosecutor and not exercise any rights or privileges or raise any objections to impede or delay the cause of justice.

In Mr. Starr's universe, I see a frightening shadow of (an) autocratic justice system.

Sukumar Banerjee, Evans


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