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Travelers sending greetings

Always do right. It will gratify some people, and astonish the rest. -- Mark Twain

I'm astonished at all the post cards that you all have sent in.

Mike and Diane Havird and family send one from Montana. "Beautiful and refreshingly cool!" they write. "Have fly-fished and hiked up a glacier! Also spotted a grizzly bear."

From Arkansas, Helen Terry writes: "Visiting as hostess to a book signing -- Hometown News About Gentle Folk by Lillian Matthews (Oakes), author formerly associated with Trotter Real Estate of Augusta. After many years, "Lill" returned to her hometown of Perry, Ark., and married her childhood sweetheart."

Also in Arkansas were Ken Badke, Patsy Spivey and Phyllis Holland, who also sent a card from Memphis.

Rachel and Jane write to say, "Here in New Hampshire on our way to the Vermont Quilt Festival. We brought the Georgia/South Carolina heat with us."

Lounelle Beecher, a Butler High School teacher, sends greetings from Beijing, China.

Alex King, 6, and Kendall King, 4, write to say: "We love to visit our Grandma in Jackson, Miss.!!"

Ray, Kathy and Karyn (The Fabo family) of Martinez, send a post card showing a panda at the National Zoo. They write: "Went to Pennsylvania for a family wedding. Now we are in D.C. on our way home. Went to the zoo and the panda is so-o-o-o cute."

Also in Washington are members of the Augusta Genealogical Society: Octavia, Marilyn, Doris, Jean, Barbara, Kathy, Juanita, Sonnie, David, John, Martha, Esther and Nathaniel.

They write: "We are on a genealogical research tour and the DAR Library was our first stop. Saw this great place (DAR Constitution Hall), too. Will be here a week `chasing' ancestors."

Steven Barrett sends a card from the Ingalls Home in South Dakota, where he notes "the post office is about the size of a shoebox."

Gail and Jack Parker of Aiken send a card from Kansas City, which they like except for the temperature. "We did the zoo in 95-degree-heat ... somehow! There weren't too many animals to see. They were all hiding in corners and shady areas."

Louise Miller sends a card from the Akron area.

Jackie and Armand Bye and Ann Goins of Augusta send a host of cards.

One shows North Carolina lighthouses. From New Jersey, they note: "The traffic is horrendous."

And from New Hampshire they say: "Scenery is pretty on coastal highway but slow ... getting cooler." They also send a card from Portland, Maine.

From Lapland and the Arctic Circle comes a card from Ed Ziegler and Frank Holman of North Augusta, who say they just saw Santa.

The Bowmans from Aiken send a card from Detroit where they are visiting relatives. The "heat wave there is around 90 degrees," they write.

How about you? Still have some vacation time left?

Send me a post card at P.O. Box 1928, Augusta, GA 30907.


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