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Writers Guild votes to credit blacklisted writers

LOS ANGELES -- Blacklisted writers who wrote nearly two dozen films under phony names will receive the credit denied them for decades.

A special panel of The Writers Guild of America, which began replacing pseudonyms with real names in 1968, recommended the latest changes during a board meeting Monday, WGA president Daniel Petrie Jr. said Wednesday.

Credits will be restored for 21 films released in the 1950s and '60s, including "The Highwayman," "The Las Vegas Story" and "All Night Long."

"It is with pride and sadness that we announce these credit changes," Petrie said. "The guild has undertaken this task to assure that all those writers who were denied credit for their work will receive their right of authorship."

The union previously announced credit changes for 34 films including "Roman Holiday" and "Lawrence of Arabia."

The blacklisting of Hollywood writers suspected of communist leanings or affiliations began with congressional hearings in October 1947 and flourished during the 1950s. Some writers, noting there was no official end to the blacklist, hid their identities until the early 1970s.

Any credits that are corrected are placed in the archives of the guild, to which all Hollywood writers must belong. The guild also works with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers to amend the credits should any of the films be re-released in theaters or released on videotape, guild spokeswoman Sherrie Newman said.

Hollywood Blacklist

The 21 films with revised credits, including formerly blacklisted writers and those whose names properly appeared in original credits:

-- "All Night Long" (1961), Nel King and Paul Jarrico.

-- "The Careless Years" (1957), John Howard Lawson and Mitch Lindemann.

-- "G.I. Jane" (1951), Henry Blankfort and Murray Lerner.

-- "The Highwayman" (1951), Henry Blankfort, Jack DeWitt, Renault Duncan and Alfred Noyes.

-- "Joe Palooka in the Squared Circle" (1950), Henry Blankfort, B.F. Melzer and C.B. Ham Fisher.

-- "The Indian Fighter" (1955), Frank Davis, Ben Hecht and Robert L. Richards.

-- "The Intimate Stranger" (1956), Howard Koch.

-- "Kenner" (1969), Robert L. Richards, Harold Clemins and Mary P. Murray.

-- "Revolt in the Big House" (1952), Daniel James and Eugene Lourie.

-- "We Joined the Navy" (1962), Howard Dimsdale and John Winton.

-- "The Detective" (1954), Thelma Schnee, Maurice Rapf, Robert Hamer, G.K. Chesterton.

-- "Five Branded Women" (1960), Michael Wilson, Paul Jarrico, Ivo Perilli and Ugo Pirro.

-- "The Giant Behemoth" (1958), Eugene Lourie, Daniel James, Robert Abel and Allen Adler.

-- "The Girl Most Likely" (1957), Paul Jarrico and Devery Freeman.

-- "A Hatful of Rain" (1957), Michael Vincent Gazzo, Alfred Hayes and Carl Foreman.

-- "The Las Vegas Story" (1951), Paul Jarrico, Harry Essex, Earl Felton and Jay Dratler.

-- "Malaga" (1962), David Osborn, Donald Ogden Stewart and Donald MacKenzie.

-- "A Matter of WHO" (1962), Milton Holmes, Harold Buchman, Patrica Lee and Paul Dickinson.

-- "The Miracle" (1959), Frank Butler, Jean Rouverol and Karl Vollmoeller.

-- "The Tunnel of Love" (1958), Joseph Fields, Jerome Chodorov and Peter De Vries.

-- "Under Ten Flags" (1960), Bernhard Rogge, Vittoriano Petrilli, Duilio Coletti, Ulrich Mohr, Leonardo Bercovici and William Douglas Home.


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