Originally created 07/22/98

Defends Hicks as Utilities Director 072298 - The Augusta Chronicle

I am writing concerning the letter referring to firing Augusta Utilities Director Max Hicks.

I am just as upset with the water situation as the rest of Augusta, but I am appalled with the response of the community. I agree we need qualified people in charge but evidently some people are not aware of Mr. Hicks' qualifications and the type of person he is.

This man is above the salary and qualifications needed for this position -- but he is more concerned with the community than himself. He can only do so much with what he is given and allowed. The problem we are having goes back way before him. Do not point fingers or insult the wrong people. Let's all take a good look at downtown Augusta and remember the great Mayor Charles DeVaney if we must put forth blame.

Mr. Hicks, remember the people who have the honor of knowing you (and) support you and believe in you, as you do us.

Donna B. Jones,Augusta


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