Originally created 07/21/98

Informative water meeting 072198 - The Augusta Chronicle

A town meeting was held July 11 with Augusta Commissioner Moses Todd presiding. Although nothing was settled, nor was it expected to be, it was informative. One would not know that, due to lack of media coverage, but those who wished to be heard were.

It was clarified that there are in excess of 20 wells in South Augusta that provide us with water from the aquifer. Water provided north of the Gordon Highway is surface water -- water from the Savannah River -- which requires more treatment to become potable. That system may one day overtake ours as their problems already have.

I understand the frustration of the folks in the National Hills area. Their problems are real. Ours are manufactured and if you aren't careful the "water police" will get you. ...

Whether you feel Mr. Todd was there as a campaign ploy or not, you must admit he had intestinal fortitude to meet people face to face. ...

Carol Richards, Augusta


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