Originally created 07/21/98

Voters! Wake up! 072198 - The Augusta Chronicle

It's primary election day in Georgia and political scientists predict turnout in the mid-20 percent range of registered voters. Let's hope it's higher in our area -- especially since we have several hot partisan and judicial primaries.

There are two big questions statewide: (1) Can Guy Millner win his GOP gubernatorial primary outright, avoiding a runoff with dogged challenger Mike Bowers? (2) Can trial attorney Roy Barnes win his Democratic gubernatorial primary outright, thus torpedoing rival Lewis Massey?

Whether one selects a Democrat or Republican ballot (you can't take both!), don't ignore other statewide races. For example, State School Superintendent Linda Schrenko faces an obscure GOP primary opponent who doesn't seem to stand for anything. So we predict our hometown Augusta gal should rack up a huge margin to secure her party's renomination.

COLUMBIA COUNTY: For voters just focusing on whether to approve a new jail/courthouse proposition, we commend to readers Tom Roberts' excellent analysis on Page 5A. As for the District 2 Columbia County GOP primary, we endorse late-charging businessman Bill Bohling as the best choice for commissioner to succeed the retiring Pete Brodie.

RICHMOND COUNTY: Georgia House District 114 voters have a chance to re-elect hard-working Robin Williams as their representative. And if the GOP assumes control of the House in November, they get a bonus: Minority Leader Bob Irvin, R-Atlanta, pledges that Williams will receive a top leadership slot!

The GOP primary in House District 115 pits L.A. Williams versus one-time David Duke fan Brad Owens. While we offer no endorsement (one of them will face veteran Rep. Jack Connell, D-Augusta, in November) we will defend L.A. Williams on one issue: Owens is wrong to charge his challenger with supporting collective bargaining. That has never been the case.


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