Originally created 07/21/98

Blasts Clinton's anti-gun policy 072198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Since "Beijing Bill Clinton" has returned from his business meeting with his Communist Chinese cohorts, he has once again pinned the recent school shootings on American gun owners.

It's "Don't blame the twisted little mind behind the weapon for the death, make some political hay, and get back at those Americans who rely on personal weapons for protection and don't have the benefit of the Secret Service."

In 1993 dozens of kids died at the hands of Attorney General Janet Reno's botched Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms raid in Waco, and a youngster was shot by FBI snipers at Ruby Ridge. Maybe we should lock Ms. Reno in a safe since she's proved to be a danger to American children. We could also sue Ms. Reno's parents for creating such a ruthless killer and bureaucrat.

As long as Democrats are in power, all Americans will be treated as incorrigible children who are too stupid to own weapons or live their lives properly. ...

Gregory Deese, Fort Gordon


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