Originally created 07/21/98

Praises commissioner for license denial 072198 - The Augusta Chronicle

This is in response to Don Christian's letter of July 12. He condemned Commissioner Ulmer Bridges for his leadership in denying a liquor license to Pine Hill Grocery Store on Brown Road.

It is always sad when someone is more concerned with how far they will have to drive to get that next drink rather than the detriment created to our community by unbridled license issuance.

Does Mr. Christian (what a name for someone supporting a liquor license) realize that:

After much debate the entire commission turned down that license by a nine to one vote.

The commission's decision was upheld by the Superior Court.

Over 500 residents of the Pine Hill Community signed a petition asking the Augusta-Richmond County Commission to deny an alcohol license to this business in the heart of their community.

The owner of this establishment built his store first and then asked for an alcohol license. Any wise businessman should make sure he has everything he needs to open his business before, not after, he has made his investment.

The owner of this establishment at one time circulated a petition to stop a piece of property directly across the street from his business from being rezoned from residential to commercial. His purpose was to stop a competitive store from being opened on that site. Monopoly capitalism at its worst.

An alcohol license is a privilege, not a right; however, over 90 percent of alcohol licenses are granted by full approval of all commissioners. It is only when granting that license would be detrimental to the community that it is turned down.

It is good to see commissioners like Mr. Bridges take their job as representatives for the good of the community to heart. I hope Mr. Bridges continues to weigh each license situation and the effect that granting the alcohol license will have on our community. ...

R. J. Baurle, Augusta


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