Originally created 07/21/98

Swooning for Clinton 072198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Here's how reporter Nina Burleigh, a former correspondent for Time, describes her experience playing Hearts with President Clinton aboard Air Force One in a piece she wrote for this month's Mirabella magazine:

"Sex wasn't on my mind when I sat down across from the president (but) When I got up and shook his hand at the end of the game, his eyes wandered over my bike-wrecked, naked legs. And slowly it dawned on me as I walked away: He found me attractive...I felt incandescent. It was riveting to know that the president appreciated my legs, scarred as they were.

"If he had asked me to continue the game of Hearts back in his room at the Holiday Inn, I would have been happy to go there and see what happened...It took several hours and a few drinks in the steaming and now somehow romantic Arkansas night to shake the intoxicated state in which I had been quite willing to let myself be ravished by the president, should he have but asked."

Later, in an interview with The Washington Post, Burleigh was pornographically explicit about how she'd be "happy...to thank (Clinton) for keeping abortion legal."

Citing the reporter's presidential swoon, Media Research Center Chairman Brent Bozell hit on a more important truth: "In graphic terms, Nina Burleigh has exposed the media's love affair with Clinton policies. This is why so much of the establishment press gives Bill Clinton a pass on scandals that would have brought down any other president." It also explains why sexual harassment rules are so unfairly ambiguous.

The same bevy of women the Big Media brands as tarts, liars or worse when they speak about their (welcome or unwelcome) liaisons with this president would be defined as heroines if they were blowing the whistle on a less popular chief executive.

Sexual harassment, it seems, depends on who's doing the harassing.


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