Originally created 07/21/98

Offer comments on area water crisis 072198 - The Augusta Chronicle

More questions for our city officials -- questions that I've not seen answered as of yet:

Why was the unused, 42-inch water pipe allowed to go two years without being used or repaired? This has been during the current administration! Was it not obvious that eventually it would be critical for water delivery?

What about the National Guard water trucks? Why did officials wait until the city shrubs and trees were dead to start using them? It should have been implemented after a week without water in order to save the plants. Now we, the taxpayers, have to pay to replace not only our own plants, but also those "bought" by the "city."

Some practical advice from citizens who seem to at least have some common sense regarding water conservation:

Pump in water from creeks and ponds to water shrubbery, where possible.

Save bath water (shower in the tub with the drain closed) and recycle that water to shrubs, flowers and trees. (It's surprising how much watering this will accomplish.)

Place a basin in sinks to save hand washing water, shaving, etc. water.

Siphon laundry water out of the washing machine and use it to water as above.

Have any of the "experts" come up with, or shared, any such ideas with the people? ...

G. C. Shaw, Augusta

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