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Hopefuls make final pitches

Politicians talk about bringing "heavy hitters" to their campaign events. Then there's Hank Aaron.

The former Atlanta Braves slugger and career home-run leader accompanied Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Barnes on Monday on his election eve "Home Run Tour," hoping to pump up support for today's Georgia primaries.

Mr. Barnes faces five opponents and is hoping to be in a runoff election Aug. 11 because he doesn't expect to get the 50 percent majority needed for outright victory.

A sweaty crowd of more than 80 packed the lobby of Augusta's Daniel Field airport to strain for a glimpse of Mr. Aaron and Mr. Barnes.

"Our future is at stake. I think we should all step up to the plate and do what's right," Mr. Aaron said. "It's our children and grandchildren who will have to live with the decisions we make in this election. Ability and hard work count for a lot in life. And Roy has both."

Hoping to join Mr. Barnes in that Democratic runoff is Georgia Secretary of State Lewis Massey, who spent his 36th birthday flying around the state hoping to drum up last-minute support.

His 7-year-old son, Chandler, grabbed the microphone as his dad stood nearby.

"He's just turned 36, and by the way, he has a lot more gray hair than when he was 35," Chandler said as his dad grinned.

Once it is a two-man race, everything changes, Mr. Massey said.

"If you look at Georgia history, the second-place person has won more often than not," Mr. Massey said.

Judging by absentee ballots cast, which ended Monday, all of the candidates will be fighting for votes in a dwindling pool. Some areas, such as Burke County, experienced a late rush of voters Monday afternoon.

"It seems like we've got more people voting today than we've had all week," said Marianne May, administrator of the Board of Elections. Still, only about 200 were cast. Columbia County had about 600 cast and Richmond County sent out 1,250 and got 1,000 back. All area registrars are predicting 30 percent or less turnout.

"I don't think we'll be that busy," said Lynn Bailey, executive director of the Richmond County Board of Elections. "I hope I'm wrong."

Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. This is the first election where voters will be required to show identification, but election officials say it should not cause serious delays.

Changes for voters

Polls open at 7 a.m. today for Georgia's primaries and nonpartisan judicial elections. Polls will close at 7 p.m. For the first time, voters must show a valid ID before casting their ballots. The following are acceptable forms of identification:

-- A Georgia driver's license.

-- An identification card issued by the state or federal government.

-- A U.S. passport.

-- An employee identification card with photograph, issued by the local, state or federal government.

-- An employee identification card with photograph, issued by a business.

-- A student identification card with photograph, issued by any Georgia college.

-- A Georgia hunting or fishing license.

-- A Georgia license to carry a pistol or revolver.

-- A pilot's license.

-- A U.S. military identification card.

-- A certified copy of a birth certificate.

-- A Social Security card.

-- Certified naturalization documentation.

-- A certified copy of court records showing adoption, name or sex change.

Candidates' ballot numbers/a>

Numbers following candidates are ballot numbers


Statewide/Democratic primary:

Winner faces Republican nominee

in November

Roy E. Barnes -- 6

Morris James Sr. -- 7

Steve Langford -- 8

Lewis A. Massey -- 9

Carlton H. Myers -- 10

David Poythress -- 11


Statewide/Republican primary:

Winner faces Democratic nominee

in November

Mike Bowers -- 61

Bruce Hatfield -- 62

Guy Millner -- 63

Nancy Schaefer -- 64

Lieutenant governor

Statewide/Democratic primary:

Winner faces Republican nominee

in November

Mac Barber -- 13

Nick Dodys -- 14

Floyd Lee Griffin Jr. -- 15

Guy Middleton -- 16

Mary Margaret Oliver -- 17

Mark Taylor -- 18

Lieutenant governor

Statewide/Republican primary:

Winner faces Democratic nominee

in November

Chuck Clay -- 66

Clint Day -- 67

Pam Glanton -- 68

Randy Poynter -- 69

Mitch Skandalakis -- 70

U.S. Senate

Statewide/Democratic primary only:

Winner faces Republican incumbent

Paul Coverdell in November

Jim "Big Jim" Boyd -- 3

Michael Coles -- 4

Secretary of state

Statewide/Republican primary only:

Winner faces Democratic nominee

Cathy Cox in November

Charlie Bailey -- 72

John A. McCallum -- 73

Attorney general

Statewide/Republican primary:

Winner faces Democratic incumbent

Thurbert Baker in November

Stephen E. Boswell -- 77

Jim Harper -- 78

Kip Klein -- 79

David Ralston -- 80

Agriculture commissioner

Statewide/Republican primary:

Winner faces Democratic incumbent

Tommy Irvin in November

Bob Greer -- 82

Hildred "Tubby" Shumake -- 83

Insurance commissioner

Statewide/Democratic primary:

Winner faces Republican incumbent

John W. Oxendine in November

Henrietta Mathis Canty -- 29

Tim Dunn -- 30

School superintendent

Statewide/Democratic primary:

Winner faces Republican nominee

in November

Theresa Bey -- 32

Joe Martin -- 33

School superintendentStatewide/Republican primary:

Winner faces Democratic nomineein NovemberFrances Elaine Roberson -- 87Linda Schrenko -- incumbent -- 88

Labor commissionerStatewide/Democratic primary:

Winner faces Republican nomineein NovemberSteve Henson -- 35Richard McGee -- 36Michael "Mike" Thurmond -- 37

Labor commissionerStatewide/Republican primary:

Winner faces Democratic nomineein NovemberJohn Frank Collins -- 90Jeb Stuart Fuller -- 91Rick Milsaps -- 92

Public service commissionerStatewide/Democratic primary:

Winner faces Republican nomineein NovemberHal Crawford -- 40Anna Marie Hargis -- 42

Public service commissionerStatewide/Republican primary:

Robert B. "Bobby" Baker Jr. -- incumbent -- 96Dan Carpenter -- 98

Congress, 10th House districtDemocratic primary in Burke, Columbia, Richmond and 21 other counties:

Winner faces Republican incumbentCharlie Norwood in November

Denise Freeman -- 44 Verdree Lockhart Sr. -- 45Statewide judge racesAll nonpartisanGeorgia Supreme Court:

William I. "Bill" Aynes -- 117Leah J. Sears -- incumbent -- 118 George M. Weaver -- 119 Georgia Court of Appeals:

Election to replaceJudge Andrew W. Birdsong Jr.

Anne Elizabeth Barnes -- 125Jack Dorsey -- 126Avery T. "Tom" Salter Jr. -- 127

Georgia Court of Appeals:

Ed Johnson -- incumbent -- 139Robert O. "Bob" Van Norte -- 141Superior court judgefor Augusta Judicial CircuitNonpartisan:

Election to replace Judge Bernard J. Mulherin Jr. in Burke, Columbia and Richmond counties

Mike Annis -- 147 Duncan Wheale -- 149

Richmond county judge races

Both nonpartisanState Court:

Tom Tinley -- 158 David D. Watkins -- incumbent -- 160

Probate Court:Isaac "Buddy" Jolles -- 172Ben Swain McElmurray Jr. -- 173Jim Plunkett -- 174

Richmond County legislative races All Republican primaries State Senate District 23:Winner faces Democratic incumbent Don Cheeks in November

Woodrow Lovett -- 103Paul D. Webster III -- 104

State House District 114:Winner takes office in January

Tracy Beckham Meehan -- 106Cleonard G. "Sonny" Pittman Jr. -- 107Robin Williams -- incumbent -- 108

State House District 115:Winner faces Democratic incumbentJ ack Connell in November

Brad Owens -- 105L.A. Williams -- 110

Source: Elections officials in Columbia and Richmond counties


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