Originally created 07/21/98

Postcard madness continues

Have you ever noticed? Anybody going slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac? -- George Carlin

I couldn't figure out why my desk is covered in vacation postcards.

You don't think everyone is traveling to get away from those political commercials on TV, do you?

It would explain a lot.

Let's see who's gone where ...

Bill, Betty, Steve, Ellen and Patricia send a card from Missouri.

They write: "We're here in the heart of the Ozarks. Great vacation. On to Kansas and family reunion."

"Here's a card from Maine," say Clint and Peggy Lewis. "We'll be here in East Blue Hill. The temperature high today was 72 degrees. We're preparing boiled lobster tomorrow. This is a beautiful, quiet, unspoiled part of America."

"Eddie" sends a card from Montana. It shows a rather large woman eyeing a primitive roadside bench with two holes cut into its seat. Beneath it are holes dug into the ground. Nearby a roll of toilet paper is resting on the end of a stake.

The caption beneath it reads "Montana Rest Area."

Dick and Ann Machovec send "Greetings from Minnesota. Working and camping for three to four weeks in St. Cloud. A little cooler than Augusta but still unseasonably warm here. Lots of Mosquitoes -- kinda like WW2 B-52 bombers. No Kidding!"

From Raccoon Mountain near Chattanooga it is "Hot! Hot! Hot!" say Larry and Bonnie Swint, Rose Hartley, Angie, Mike Stacy, Steven and Tyler Arrington.

William G. Bross of Thomson sends a card from England where he's "spending a few days in Birmingham attending the 81st Lions International Convention. There are two other Lions from Hephzibah here. Also having a wonderful time in the cool weather."

Lions Beverly Roberts and Gail Turner are also in England. "What a beautiful country," they write, "so rich with flowers and friendly folks. The weather is cool and delightful."

Troy Ward sends a card from Hawaii showing a volcano. "Lava is cool," he writes. He also sent a card from San Francisco.

Eva Williams of Augusta sends a note from the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, Va. She writes: "It's beautiful here, and the weather is great. We also have plenty of water."

Farther up the coast, Jackie and Ann send a card from Ocean City, Md. "Enjoyed the boardwalk," they write. "Miles and miles and miles of beaches. Mailing this from Nassau, Del., taking the ferry to New Jersey."

From New Jersey they sent another card, "New York, here we come!"

Out west, Jim and Dolores Faglier send greetings from Taos, N.M. They write: "We just finished our huge family reunion at Camp Summer Life near Taos (12 sisters and brothers). Today we were in Santa Fe. Weather and scenery are perfect."

Are you going somewhere this summer?

Send me a vacation postcard at P.O. Box 1928, Augusta, GA 30907.


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