Originally created 07/20/98

Complains of Augusta's latest problems 072098 - The Augusta Chronicle

OK class, let us review the past several months.

We build an ice skating rink with money from some mysterious surplus fund so some high school age guys can play a game few of us have ever seen or understand.

We tear up the streets and do not ever finish the repair. Jackson Road has been closed for six months.

We argue over how to split up a $40,000 surplus that came from somewhere so that our leaders can buy some votes in the next election.

Now it is the water crisis and some mickey mouse ideas on how to best share what we have and now learn there is no punishment for those who don't. We suddenly find a pipe that was closed in 1996 because it leaked but (someway or another) it can be fixed. No one asks why it wasn't fixed in 1996. Too simple.

But the real question is why are we complaining now? When you elect a bunch of clowns to run your city, you are going to get something akin to a circus. In a real circus the ringmaster knows what is going on. Ours just says "bad luck." This is leadership at its finest.

We should not wonder about where our leaders of tomorrow are coming from. Where are our leaders of today?

M. Don Williams, Augusta

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