Originally created 07/20/98

Seeks tough barriers to immigration 072098 - The Augusta Chronicle

President Clinton's recent trip to China underscores his xenophilia. This president tried to give citizenship to 1 million aliens, many of whom now are having their citizenship revoked because of criminal activity, AIDS or the fact that many have been in this country for as little as six months. He gave missile technology to China that will allow them to strike not only their neighboring countries but the west coast of the United States as well, possibly causing a Third World War.

The president recently partially restored welfare to immigrants and their families that had included educational, medical, housing and nursing home benefits at taxpayers' expense. In a recent commencement address, the president said that America should not reject immigrants, we should welcome them and share our country with them. In one week recently, 18,000 immigrants were made U.S. citizens. These people are adults who either take jobs from real Americans or "parasitize" our already strained welfare system.

As a result of immigration, California will very soon become the first state with a majority of citizens who are either recent immigrants or their children, and in only a few decades these people will make up the majority of our country. This point was recently driven home to me when an immigrant friend of mine said, "We are coming ... we are coming, and you can't stop us." This made me very angry because he was right and also because he and others actually believe that it is a God-given right for them to come to this country.

This is outrageous. Congress should declare a 10-year moratorium on immigration to allow the assimilation of those immigrants already here and place severe penalties upon those employers that hire illegals.

Milton Gresham, Evans


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