Originally created 07/12/98

Says crisis is result of ineptitude 071298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink, or water the lawn or wash clothes between the hours of 7 to 11 p.m. daily. The crisis with our water supply system in Augusta again points out the ongoing ineptitude of some of our local public employees.

From the mid-level managers to our elected officials, we have probably the worst government in Georgia. I am very tired of hearing one excuse after another from officials in our local government when it was their lack of foresight that has allowed this situation to occur. Again no one will take the blame or the responsibility. Moses Todd is the only commissioner who has exhibited any leadership in this whole affair. He has my vote in November.

And where was my commissioner, Ulmer Bridges, while this was going on? I guess he was too busy denying a beer and wine license to Pine Hill Grocery Store, which had only moved across the street to a new building after a number of years of selling beer and wine without incident.

Mr. Bridges was quoted in The Chronicle as saying, "We don't bring up our children to drink." That was the reasoning he gave in voting against the license.

Well, I have news for Mr. Bridges. No one would bring up their child to drink, just as no one would bring up their child to be a self-righteous, narrow-minded prig. I voted for Mr. Bridges once but not again. A big part of any set of values is fairness in your dealings with your fellow man. Mr. Bridges has not dealt fairly with the owner of Pine Hill Grocery Store or its patrons.

Don Christian, Hephzibah


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