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Injudicious justice 071298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Given the rules that limit what judicial candidates can say about the issues, Georgia Supreme Court Justice Leah Sears, appointed by Gov. Zell Miller in 1992, remains a mystery to most Georgia voters.

Since candidates in judicial races can claim they must be silent about their records and their beliefs because of the rules, incumbents obviously have the advantage.

Here's something, however, that gives some insight into Sears' beliefs:

In 1996, according to a report in the Atlanta Lawyer, she was a speaker at the awards dinner for the Stonewall Bar Association of Georgia. Three people were honored by this organization of gay and lesbian lawyers for "distinguished advocacy of gay and lesbian rights" and for "courage in the courts."

Attorney E. Clayton Scofield III wrote,"Sears delivered an eloquent and inspiring keynote address in which she spoke of `the flame bearers,' leaders whose heat and light both warm and illuminate the paths of those who seek to advance unpopular causes."

Georgians must be surprised to learn that one of the state's Supreme Court justices actually praised and encouraged these "flame bearers" of homosexuality. An overwhelming majority of Georgians find the gay and lesbian lifestyles repugnant and they should be angry that Justice Sears, in effect, endorse the denigration of the family values Georgians hold dear.

Asked this week why she spoke for this group, Sears said that she speaks to any group that asks. We suggest she be a bit more judicious.


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