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Chides the 1995 'Spearsville' plan 071298 - The Augusta Chronicle

The July 1 letter by Mark Zegar defending Columbia County Commission candidate Frank Spears' efforts to promote incor-poration of Evans was incorrect in its basic definition of Mr. Spears' role on the citizens' committee studying government restructuring.

Members of the committee have stated to me personally that this was no passive discussion on the part of Mr. Spears. He was scheduled to speak before anyone else had a chance to offer ideas for discussion that night, and some members felt this was to be a "slam dunk" motion to be rushed through the full committee which had not discussed this option.

Mr. Spears gave an obviously well-prepared speech touting the need to be visionary. He then made the motion to incorporate Evans and give it the chance to annex out to the county line with the hope it might someday merge with the county government.

It was not a discussion item; it was a "let's do it" item which raised the hackles of conservatives and advocates of limited government.

Some heated rhetoric was exchanged according to the minutes and an Aug. 24, 1995, Chronicle article. Eventually, a motion was passed killing the idea -- after members made speeches against creating more government ... and the folly and naivete of hoping that a new government would miraculously surrender power in the interest of the common good. ...

Doug Herman's July 6 letter defending Mr. Spears confirms that he and Mr. Spears liked the idea of incorporation if Evans could be the major city and collect franchise fees (taxes). So, what are they complaining about? Several members of the committee jokingly asked each other after the meeting -- "What was the new city to be named? Spearsville?"

J.H. Strickland, Evans


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