Originally created 07/11/98

Blames parents for youths' violence 071198 - The Augusta Chronicle

I read Don Touchton's recent letter and it made me wonder about what was causing kids to kill others in a "senseless, random fashion."

First off, Mr. Touchton seemed to blame television and movies on the acts of violence. Last semester in school, my friend and I found very little evidence showing that the television and movies cause violence. In fact, I found overwhelmingly more evidence that it did not cause violence.

I don't seem to understand what abortion has to do with violence. Abortion is wrong in my opinion, but it sure isn't telling me to go out and kill someone.

Keeping God out of school is good because it allows people who do not believe in God to be free of him. Look at the radical Christians who bomb and harass abortion clinics. The bombing seems to be killing and injuring just as many, if not more, people.

I don't see political correctness taught at my school, either. In Government class we talked more about change and problems in the government than anything else. Never have I heard people complimenting President Clinton on what is going on with Monica Lewinsky.

However, I do agree that we should stop raising taxes so that the unproductive can be fed and clothed and to pay for out-of-wedlock births. But I do not see how this relates to violence.

So, what is causing all these problems? Well it sure isn't television, movies, abortion, lack of God, political correctness, taxes, welfare or poor character. If anyone is at fault it is the upbringing, or lack thereof, by the parents.

Jeff Pittard,Martinez


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