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Reminds commission voters ride buses 071198 - The Augusta Chronicle

My faith in our local government continues to weaken with each act that it does. They can find ways to get money for their pet projects, but seem to forget other things needing help. (The Cabbage Patch golf course gets a face lift to keep those who may never use the buses and tourists happy.)

I understand the aim of any government is not just to keep things running but to cause growth. We're (Augusta), I'm told now, the second largest city in Georgia, but our quality of bus service still falls short in its progression of that growth. On May 4 (at) a hearing on fare increases, ... one thing (that was) asked was (if) the buses being used for Augusta Technical Institute and Augusta State University would remain. We were told that they were going to be running as they were, but students on both routes have been told that those buses are gone at the end of this quarter. ... While no notice has been put up, it (has) caused much worry.

... It was pointed out that if we can find a way to deal with other things, we should be able to find a way to get something worked out for the buses. The quality of the service needs improving, not depletion. ...

Those people ... trying to get off welfare and trying to get good paying jobs ... will not be able to if ... the removal of these buses comes to pass. I would hope that we who ride the buses are listened to as much as those asking about a golf course. If not, then perhaps we need to remind our commissioners, not only by writing or calling but at election time.

Lula L. Lorraine,Augusta


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