Originally created 07/10/98

Seeks answers to water debacle 071098 - The Augusta Chronicle

The quotation "Nero fiddles while Rome burns" reminds me of the scalawags we have filling the positions of Augusta commissioners (except Moses Todd because he's the least involved).

I called my County Commissioner, Ulmer Bridges, the evening of June 27 and was told he only knew what he was reading in the newspaper. ...

An article in the paper quoted another as saying the commissioners were more concerned than other county residents. I could cover statements by other commissioners but, suffice it to say Forrest Gump was correct; he said "Stupid is as stupid does." ...

There has been a lot of blame placed on the old city government for the situation but the current group of do nothings have had control for three years and they let it slide. Mr. Bridges informed me Utilities Director Max Hicks is a nice man. I would rather have someone who knew what needs to be done and where to get the expertise needed to get it done. ...

I have questions, which Mr. Bridges would not answer:

How soon after consolidation did Mr. Hicks brief the commissioners that the equipment needed immediate attention to preclude the situation we face today?

If he did not, why not?

What action did the commissioners take if they were briefed on the conditions?

If none, why not?

Have engineers started planning for the necessary upgrades (i.e. additional turbines, water intakes, wells, etc.) to preclude future problems?

Has Max Hicks been fired? ...

Gene Workman, Hephzibah


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