Originally created 07/10/98

Augusta isn't only hot place

The vacation postcard bin is overflowing.

"Newlyweds Butch and Mary Gay say Hi ... and having a great time in Hilton Head."

Meghann, Papa Bill and Grandma say they spent a lot of time riding through Kansas! "Flat, pretty and hot!" They also sent a card from Colorado.

Troy Ward sends a card from Anchorage, Alaska, which he describes as "quite a bustling city."

And somebody sent a postcard from Atlanta showing the Lady Chablis, one of the stranger characters from the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Mike, Julie, Samuel, Jacob, Ethan and Lauren Ellis, Dan, Vickie, Nathan and Dylan Plung say "Hello from Cherokee!. Train ride from Bryson City to Nanatahala Gorge was great."

Ronnie Adams, Brandy Adams and Harley Miller say, "Just thought we'd drop a line from Iowa. We're visiting family up here. It's hot, too."

They also sent a card from Chicago, the same as Fred Paris of Hephzibah who says he was "combining a mini-vacation with business in the Chicago area."

Priscilla Sorrells and Joanne Shealey write to say they're having a wonderful trip in Europe.

Nancy and Karen Lortscher are "writing from one of the prettiest towns in Ireland, Ballyshannon, County Donegal. Bright sun is shining for the first time. Through the Irish mist we have seen lovely green fields, mountains shrouded in clouds, daisies ... Ruined castles conjure up memories."

Dan and Kathy Swkanec send a card from St. Simons Island, "a great place to spend the Fourth!"

Carole Flanders and June Fouche send a card from Alaska to say, "June Fouche's dream to see Alaska has come true. We are having a wonderful time."

Tom and Lucille and Dusty Hegler send my first card from Louisiana. They write: "A big group from Augusta and Barnwell is here in Baton Rouge to attend a wedding."

Lillian sends a postcard showing a small alligator. She writes: "It took me a lot of time to get my photos developed, then set up as postcards."

Lil Stiefel and family send a card from Hershey, Pa., where the weather is "lovely and cool."

The Branch family from Thomson sends a post card from the Andersonville National Cemetery in southwest Georgia.

Robert and Carolyn Thompson say they "are visiting Las Vegas. It's just as hot as Augusta even without humidity."

Dottie Smith from Lakeside High sends a card from Rome. "Our Europe trip has been very exciting with new experiences with culture and traditions. London is my favorite."

Don, Susan and Erin send our first card from Rhode Island.

From West Virginia, Lynn M. Hammers, M.D., writes,"Thought we left the heat and humidity behind! Tornado-like winds, floods and mudslides, not to our liking -- returning home ASAP!"

If you're going on vacation, why not drop me a postcard so we can complete all 50 states (and the District of Columbia.)

Send them to me at P.O. Box 1928, Augusta, GA 30903.


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