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Says politicians, utilities director must go 070998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Like Mr. Delmer Van Dusen (letter, June 26), I have worked in industry for more than 27 years, and I am sure the performance of the maintenance group of the Augusta Water Department would not be tolerated for long.

Commissioner Moses Todd, a plumber and pipe fitter, is apparently the only one looking out for things. But what does a plumber and pipe fitter know about turbine bearing alignment? Last Sunday's Chronicle indicated that an "engineer" had been called in. Is the called-in engineer the only engineer in (or outside) the water department?

As I write this, I predict that the people working on the job will wreck the rebuilt turbine (through gross incompetence). Where are we then?

"Bad luck" and "Murphy's Law" sound like alibis for ignorance and stupidity. Blaming the prior administration for the problem (three years after their departure from the scene) is simply another alibi. If alibis and accusations could remedy the situation, we would now have water.

Despite Mr. Todd's comments about the age of the equipment, age is not a fair criteria for evaluating performance if a good preventive maintenance program were in place.

Let's turn the rascals out of office -- let's send Mayor Larry Sconyers back to his barbecue pit and Mr. Todd back to his tools, and lets get rid of Utilities Director Max Hicks!

William H. Wiseman, Augusta


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