Originally created 07/09/98

'An example' 070998 - The Augusta Chronicle

We had to rub our eyes in disbelief. Georgia lieutenant gubernatorial candidate Randy Poynter has the gall, in press releases, to question the personal ethics of fellow candidate Mitch Skandalakis.

What garbage!

Ask top Georgia FBI officials or U.S. Attorney Kent Lawrence about Skandalakis. In 1995 they praised the Fulton County Commission chairman as "an example" for all public officials to follow. They said he was the first Georgia official in memory to not just report a bribe, but to help police arrest the briber.

It happened after an old law school classmate offered Skandalakis a $350,000 bribe if millions of county pension money were steered to investments selected by this "friend." Skandalakis didn't flinch. He called the FBI, a risky meeting was captured on videotape and the culprit was arrested.

Skandalakis remains an example of an official who not only resisted the temptation of "easy cash" -- but who helped put the bad guy behind bars.


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