Originally created 07/09/98

Says candidate 'unqualified' for Senate 070998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Recent readers, including Wyck Knox and Leon Meyer, implied that The Chronicle is engag-ing in unfair comment by alluding to U.S. Senate candidate Michael Coles' bust after a University of Georgia fracas 10 years ago.

I must reluctantly agree to some extent; it was my observation at my last game in Athens that at least 50 percent of the attendees could have been arrested for various misdemeanors. ...

The issue is qualification to serve as U.S. senator, and there the "cookie man" is as dry as Richmond County. Yes, he comments on veterans' benefits as do all the congressmen. But the two who actually do something are incumbent Sen. Paul Coverdell, R-Ga., and Rep. Charlie Norwood, R-Ga. The rest move their lips but don't get their ideas into motion.

Sen. Coverdell is the best fresh gulp of air this state has had since the Republicans began to flex their muscles. Our other senator didn't do anything when he headed the Veterans Affairs agency for Jimmy Carter, and will do nothing now.

As for political roughhousing ... the Democrats always want to whine and cry when they are the objects. Lighten up, Messers. Knox and Meyer. This will only last until November when your man can again roam the malls and Sen. Coverdell will roam the halls (of Congress) and our Chronicle will still be its usual unpredictable, pugnacious self.

K.G. Watson, Augusta


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