GM, union workers in major battle

Chamber head faces new duties

Golf carts face government regulations

Drug fingered in higher prices

Japan figures deepen Asia economic woes

Year of Tiger becomes Year of Recession for Asia

Wireless competition is growing

Murdoch sharing control of TV Guide with TCI

Additional business news

Business briefs

Site impresses developers

Second GM strike could bring nationwide shutdown

American consumers are on a spending spree

House considers bill to limit overtime for salespeople

Book tells of bright side of PTL

Congressmen travel widely

Graduation test creates woe

Returned goods

Census takers collect stories with statistics

Millner not sharing stage

Suit alleges racketeering

Landfill fix gets July deadline

Augusta Canal gets a partner

Postcard collection mounting

State mulls reading test for third-grade pupils

Local and area briefs

Woman continues her love of spinning, rabbit wool

Fleeing may have saved victim's life

Measure on information access OK'd

Family plans to live dream of life at sea

Chamber project manager ends job

Different drummer

Implant recipients to go after manufacturers

Civilians attack Fort Gordon policy

Additional area news

Candidates spend big on campaigns

Probation turned down for suspect

Sign of the times

Woman dies in trailer fire

Melon man

Shop around

Cash OK'd for weather preparations

Spears leading race for funds

Aquatic weed causes trouble on Savannah

Stormy weather likely to intensify

Study may lead to center

Flower grower folds up

Agreement to set policy for offenses

Ex-Augusta woman guilty of tax evasion

Phone tower

Graduation a great feat for two

Group rewards tipster

Lynx cheers

Slabs on roads get fixed daily

The NRA's Moses 061298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Plugs Columbia County candidate 061298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Cites another championship S.C. school 061298 - The Augusta Chronicle

End the perversion 061398 - The Augusta Chronicle

Wants more police presence in area 061298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Advocates better pay for law officers 061398 - The Augusta Chronicle

Notes another south Augusta `slight' 061398 - The Augusta Chronicle

Apologizes for use of offending word 061398 - The Augusta Chronicle

Calls Congress `Slick Willie clones' 061298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Hits activism in Ga. high court race 061398 - The Augusta Chronicle

Muses about traffic, Georgia and Jane 061298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Chooses `family man' in Augusta judicial race 061398 - The Augusta Chronicle

Warns recycling program can be costly 061298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Likes experience in judicial race 061398 - The Augusta Chronicle

Backs experience in Columbia Co. race 061298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Sick flags over Orlando 061298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Drag 'em to death 061298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Rebuts claim Lyme disease uncommon 061398 - The Augusta Chronicle

Can Braves win with this bullpen?

Baseball roundup: Larkin quiets trade talk

Terry wants playoff, Bobby disagrees

Cox drawn to country as getaway

Jackets get win behind Alvarado

Sting romp over Mystics in opener

Galarraga setting own pace

Rodman has his role as a Bull down to science

Capitals aren't just being beat on scoreboard

Capitals' Bellows has whirlwind day

Jackets short-circuited

Irvan returns to scene of tragedy and triumph

Borrego leads European Grand Prix after 65

School's out for students, but just starting for fish

Jazz finally find right note

What color would you like, Mr. Malone?

Bullpen blows Braves win

USC to ban creatine for athletes

Let athletes decide whether to use creatine

Carlos Moya latest upset victim at Weber Open

Baseball notes: Larkin says he wants out of Cincinnati

Bolton takes spotlight at Butler youth camp

Earnhardt Jr. on dad's team for next 5 years and beyond

Aoki's 62 ties markat BellSouth Senior

Infamous city plays odd host

NASCAR notes: Gerhart captures first career pole

Overtime: Augusta boxer Hudson gains Goodwill spot

`Six Days' pirates old movies

Garden calendar

Smaller fountains make splash

Museums return sacred artifacts to Indian tribes

Some summer fun does comes cheap

Former drug dealer now recruits for God

Disney Channel gains edge on children's programming

Presbyterians hope to use meeting to squelch sex debate

God stays with us in hard times

N. Georgia Methodists face busy agenda

Day lilies will adorn Augusta Mall at show

Widow Brown's is crackin' on annual lobster fest

Celebrating creation

Ramblin' Rhodes: Griffith played it straight as sheriff of Mayberry

Applause calendar

Figs will flourish under care

High temperatures wreak havoc on summer gardens

Reading our stories

Getting more than their share

Club calendar

World Band will be bringing reggae and jazz to Riverwalk

`Saturday Night Live' paying tribute to Hartman

Concert connection

Battle for Jerusalem shifts to biblical Mount of Olives

Comedian says his humor runs in the family

Pagan groups to worship at Stonehenge for first time in 10 years

Things will move quickly on d-Day

Church bulletin

Seymour not holding her breath on 'Dr. Quinn' renewal

Photographer gets organically intense with her subjects

Thomas given advice by former Mir astronauts

Tree plagues destroying China's forests

FCC chairman wants Internet subsidies reduced

Digital votes to sell to Compaq

Government's Microsoft hired gun is veteran of legal 'Vietnam'

Gingrich calls for better teaching for science 'explosion'

Satellites pushing communications into orbit

Air Force tests first laser for intercepting missiles in mid-air

Discovery returns to Earth

Hominid brain may have been smaller than once believed

Blue mold appears in tobacco in 8 N.C. counties

Doomsday Clock moved five minutes closer to midnight

Compaq cutting 2,000 jobs after Digital deal

Mother to give birth on the Internet

Scientists build crash-free computer