J.C. Penney's wins case against county

Site impresses developers

Greenspan signals higher interest rates

Wal-Mart to test food-drug store

Foreign investment in U.S. down

House moving to slow tide of personal bankruptcies

Wall Street executive gives $1 million for free Viagra

Looming walkout could halt GM production

Augusta increases 'best places' rank

House considers bill to limit overtime for salespeople

Business briefs

Business briefs

Government to settle sexual harassment lawsuit with Mitsubishi

Year of Tiger becomes Year of Recession for Asia

Help-wanted ads, consumer spending send newspaper ad revenues up

Murdoch sharing control of TV Guide with TCI

Builder files suit against state

Second GM strike could bring nationwide shutdown

Pacemakers: Medical professionals on the move

American consumers are on a spending spree

GDP stats may confirm Japan's recession fears

Chamber head faces new duties

FCC to allow cable box buys

Candidate needs to get tough

Groups push autonomy

Developers to tour county

Melon man

Students who fail test don't get break

Graduation test creates woe

Baptists vote down pastor's revision

Returned goods

Augusta Canal gets a partner

Millner not sharing stage

Ex-Augusta woman guilty of tax evasion

Landfill fix gets July deadline

Player overcomes injury to become mentor

Postcard collection mounting

Panel to study school board's decision

Local and area briefs

Lawyers may help deputies

Fleeing may have saved victim's life

Congress is ready for education bill

Census takers collect stories with statistics

Local and area briefs

Shop around

Fiery threads

Woman continues her love of spinning, rabbit wool

Group plans to use bonds to buy homes

Spears leading race for funds

$170 million in campus projects added to list

Book tells of bright side of PTL

Westinghouse announcement near

Chamber project manager ends job

Brown seeks suit dismissal

Graduation a great feat for two

Richmond County GOP won't support candidate

Safety training

Two area schools happy over national study

War hero's name flags area drivers

Man, woman charged in double homicide

Hits `Uncle Bob,' Jerry Brigham 061198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Warns recycling program can be costly 061298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Cites examples of unsafe Highway 278 061198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Wants more police presence in area 061298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Sick flags over Orlando 061298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Muses about traffic, Georgia and Jane 061298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Urges return of prayer to classrooms 061198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Calls Congress `Slick Willie clones' 061298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Backs experience in Columbia Co. race 061298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Cites another championship S.C. school 061298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Drag 'em to death 061298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Supporter lauded for stand 061198 - The Augusta Chronicle

Plugs Columbia County candidate 061298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Primary potpourri 061198 - The Augusta Chronicle

The NRA's Moses 061298 - The Augusta Chronicle

Move expected in Earnhardt camp

Capitals' Bellows has whirlwind day

Hill visits basketball camp

Older players lukewarm about current state of tennis

Jackets short-circuited

Carlos Moya latest upset victim at Weber Open

Agassi, Courier named to U.S. Davis Cup quarterfinals team

What color would you like, Mr. Malone?

Sting romp over Mystics in opener

Bolton takes spotlight at Butler youth camp

Infamous city plays odd host

Jackets win, but still search for offense

17-year-old makes mark in NASCAR

USC to ban creatine for athletes

World Cup opens to sounds of bagpipes and samba

Can Braves win with this bullpen?

Graf wins first match of comeback

Red Sox rough up Braves

Cox drawn to country as getaway

Harper rolling along

Rodman has his role as a Bull down to science

Braves notebook

Irvan returns to scene of tragedy and triumph

Bettman on Olympics: Let's wait and see

School's out for students, but just starting for fish

Wholers still vital player for Braves

Daytona suites getting a bit too expensive

Woman takes club to court

Club calendar

What you really really want ...

Volunteers embrace national hug holiday

Ramblin' Rhodes: Griffith played it straight as sheriff of Mayberry

Applause calendar

Public interest group slams olestra

Woman's risk turns into dream

Smaller fountains make splash

Health calendar

Getting more than their share

Some patients prefer hypnosis to anesthesia

Photographer gets organically intense with her subjects

`Saturday Night Live' paying tribute to Hartman

World Band will be bringing reggae and jazz to Riverwalk

Study: Childhood epilepsy may lead to adult social problems

Garden calendar

Things will move quickly on d-Day

Concert connection

Will CBS clone `60 Minutes' over objections of its correspondents?

Day lilies will adorn Augusta Mall at show

Gambro recalls dialysis machines

Comedian says his humor runs in the family

Figs will flourish under care

`Six Days' pirates old movies

Some summer fun does comes cheap

High temperatures wreak havoc on summer gardens

Health capsules

Disney Channel gains edge on children's programming

Appeals court reverses libel decision in Time magazine case

Widow Brown's is crackin' on annual lobster fest

No compromise in sight after top-level meeting on encryption

Administration stresses need to deal with cyber-terrorism

Internet groups uneasy about management alliance

FCC chairman wants Internet subsidies reduced

Astronomers find new class of starlike objects

Air Force tests first laser for intercepting missiles in mid-air

City council sides with boys in meteorite fight

Thomas given advice by former Mir astronauts

Fans follow World Cup online

Scientists build crash-free computer

Digital preview

Mother to give birth on the Internet

Astronauts spot Mir 276 miles away

Doomsday Clock moved five minutes closer to midnight

Astronomers spot object that might be brightest known

Gingrich calls for better teaching for science 'explosion'

What killed Alexander the Great? Maybe typhoid fever

Hominid brain may have been smaller than once believed

Suits focus on Intel, Microsoft business relationships

Digital votes to sell to Compaq

Rocket launch creates illusion that worries skywatchers

Study: Drastically lowering blood pressure cuts heart attack risk

New hand prosthesis offers users finger control


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