Originally created 05/28/98

Defends Microsoft in monopoly case 052898 - The Augusta Chronicle

I wonder how Art Cabot (letter, May 25) would feel if he went shopping in the only supermarket (Microsoft) in his area, and found that the only meat being sold, at the meat counter, were "T-bone steaks" (Internet Explorer) at $30 per pound. I wonder how he would feel if the only canned soft drinks on the shelves were "Coke" (Microsoft) and nothing else (No NetScape, no Macintosh, no Sprite, no R.C., no Tab, no root beer, no Pepsi, no iced tea). And that "Coke" was only available at $100 per six-pack! If Mr. Cabot didn't like what was offered, he could go elsewhere!

I wonder how long Mr. Cabot would patronize this store.

One wonders how Mr. Cabot likes having Microsoft running the only supermarket in town. The problem is that Microsoft has a monopoly, and the Justice Department (representing the American taxpayer) is against it. Allowing a monopoly means only higher prices and the strangulation of the free market!

Carl Champlin,Aiken


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