Originally created 05/28/98

Report on Davis' killing submitted

Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents turned over hundreds of pages to District Attorney Danny Craig and the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Wednesday detailing the shooting death of Alfaigo Davis.

GBI agents left the office shortly after notifying the news media that their report was done and had been sent to the district attorney's office. Mr. Craig, who was in court all day, said he hadn't had a chance to look at the file late Wednesday night.

"It's fairly voluminous," said FBI Agent Harold Harrison an hour after receiving the report. "I haven't had a chance to look at the report yet, but an agent here has already been assigned to the case and has already done some preliminary work on it."

At the same time local officials are reviewing the report, U.S. Department of Justice attorneys in Washington will be looking at it too, Agent Harrison said.

Mr. Davis died Feb. 21 after being chased by deputies Gary Clark and Scott Capobianco. Both officers have been placed on administrative duty during the GBI's three-month investigation. They'll remain off the streets until the case is closed, officials say.

FBI agents will determine whether any more work, such as interviewing additional witnesses, has to be done. Agents will then add their findings to the GBI's report and send both packets to the civil rights division of the U.S. Department of Justice.

An attorney at the Justice Department will probably request additional information, Agent Harrison said. Even if local officials decide to take no action on Mr. Davis' case, federal officials can still prosecute, he added.

"That attorney will then decide whether any civil action is warranted and that will be done by that attorney without any local input from us," he added.

Locally, Mr. Craig will begin combing through the documents this week, he said. He refused to guess at how long it'll take him to read through the report.

Unless he wants the GBI to do additional investigating, Mr. Craig will determine whether to present Mr. Davis' case to the Richmond County grand jury.

The case will most assuredly go to the grand jury, Richmond County Sheriff's officials said Wednesday. Officials didn't want to be identified because of the nature of the case; Mr. Davis was black, and the two officers are white.

The grand jury will decide whether to bind the case over for indictment.

When and if the case goes to court may determine how soon and how much family members and the public will know about Mr. Davis' shooting, Mr. Craig said.

"I'm not commenting on this because I'm trying to be difficult. I'm bound by professional standards not to comment on a pending case," he said.


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