Originally created 05/27/98

Seeks better service for southside 052798 - The Augusta Chronicle

I thought when consolidation came to Augusta that the southside would benefit from its passing. On May 23, we on the southside had black dirty water flowing through our water mains. I tried to find out what the problem was, but the water department's number on Highway 25 was either busy for hours on end or they had taken the phone off hook.

I called the number on Central Avenue and was told they couldn't help because they were a different section of the water department. In fact, the person I talked to could not get an answer from the number on Highway 25. I thought since consolidation that the water department was under one head.

I will bet if this had happened in an area where Mayor Larry Sconyers or one of the commissioners lived, that the whole repair crew from both the city and the county would have been out trying to fix this.

I have lived in south Augusta since 1962 and each year our illustrious water department has seen fit to wait until a drought to do repairs in this area. We have had water restrictions throughout each summer. If the water department had put something on television denoting the problem it would have helped us understand. Wake up south Augusta residents, and complain to those who are supposedly in charge.

Delmer Van Dusen, Augusta

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