Originally created 05/27/98

Blasts Clinton for security breach 052798 - The Augusta Chronicle

Is anyone surprised that India and Pakistan have developed nuclear capability? There are thousands of Indians, Pakistanis and people from all other eastern nations who work in the U.S. defense plants. Places and information that were "top secret" just a few years ago have been opened up to allow access to anyone.

This is just one more breech of U.S. security on the Clinton watch.

I'm not against anyone having an opportunity to come to America. I'm against wholesale distribution of defense secrets to anyone who comes to this country. Most of these people are trustworthy, but many are not. Should we let the Clinton-appointed people decide who the good guys are?

Mr. Clinton has been anti-American all of his life and the proliferation of U.S. secrets to India, Pakistan and China should surprise no one.

Stan Flowers, Beech Island


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