Originally created 05/27/98

Confirms cutback in work-hours 052798 - The Augusta Chronicle

The claims in your recent editorial regarding my work as Georgia's assistant secretary of state are erroneous. In the past months when I have engaged in campaign related activities, I have carefully applied for leave from my job. This month, I officially reduced my work status to 75 percent of my normal load and my state salary was reduced to 75 percent accordingly.

There is absolutely no prohibition against my running for office and maintaining my position as assistant secretary of state, so long as I separate the campaign from my state work.

I fully intend to devote the time necessary to keep the daily operations of the agency in order and running efficiently. Over the past two years, the secretary of state's office has been repeatedly commended for great improvements in efficiency, customer service and fiscal responsibility -- with over $2.5 million returned to the state treasury.

I have no intention of allowing any of our improvements or accomplishments to fall to the wayside by abandoning my responsibilities to the office.

Cathy Cox, Atlanta


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