Originally created 05/27/98

School shootings a mystery 052798 - The Augusta Chronicle

No one knows why kids tote guns to school and kill other kids in senseless, random fashion with little or no provocation. It's a mystery that cannot be fathomed.

So, let's just keep on showing senseless, random violence to our children in movies and on TV; let's just keep on with legally sanctioned and government-funded abortion of babies showing that life is cheap; let's just keep on keeping God out of our schools and denying His existence; let's just keep on teaching the children nothing but political correctness and self esteem for being slobs and ignoramuses; let's just keep on raising taxes so that we can feed and clothe the unproductive and encourage them to have children out of wedlock to receive more money so that the productive have to put both parents to work to make ends meet, leaving no one at home to raise the children; let's just keep on saying character doesn't matter in national leaders; let's just keep on doing what we are doing.

Because no one knows what is causing this carnage. It is a mystery.

Don Touchton, Martinez

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