Originally created 05/26/98

Xtreme chat: Former Will Robinson makes waves on 'B5'

Bill Mumy, who played Will Robinson in the original Lost in Space television series and is currently portraying Lennier on cable television TNT's Babylon 5, recently chatted on Yahoo.

Q: Do you consider yourself a science fiction fan?

A: Absolutely. Always have been, although the superhero genre stuff is my true passion. It was Guy Williams as Zorro and George Reeves as Superman that inspired me to be on TV.

Q: Any chance that the Lost in Space comics you wrote will be republished?

A: I would love to see that happen, and to the best of my understanding there are no plans to do that now. It involves countless licenses that are really hard to secure.

Q: How accurately (in comparison to Star Trek) do you think B5 predicts the future of humanity?

A: I'll tell you in a couple of hundred years!

Q: Interesting to hear you say you love superheroes. If you could write any superhero, or portray any one of them, who would it be?

A: I wrote the current issue of Aqua Man, which is No. 44. And I got to write two of my favorite characters: Jay Garrick, in The Golden Age Flash, and Sentinel, in The Golden Age Green Lantern.

I also have a Golden Age Spectre story, illustrated by the legendary Steve Ditko, coming out in this summer's DC Legends Annual. Both of those stories were co-written with Peter David, my Space Cases partner. The DC Golden Age characters are my favorite characters.

Q: Sci-fi has really invaded the box office. Do you see big screen potential in B5?

A: Yes. Let's hope Warner Bros. does too.

Q: What happened between Lost in Space and Babylon 5?

A: Puberty. Lots of television shows, three series, about 10 features, tours, albums, comic books, etc.

Q: Do you plan to stay friends with the B5 cast? Perhaps co-star with any of them in future shows?

A: Sure, we play all play bingo once a week at Peter Jurasic's.

Q: How do you feel about becoming a 9-inch-tall plastic action figure?

A: Love it.

Q: What was your inspiration for the song Fish Heads?

A: A funky meal. By the way, Homer Simpson just sang Fish Heads, on a show this year, so I know I've arrived. And we made money too! Wow, Homer Simpson sings Fish Heads, and we get paid? What a business!


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