Originally created 05/26/98

Blames drivers for highway danger 052698 - The Augusta Chronicle

Re the recent letters about Highway 278 in South Carolina:

I am sick and tired of hearing what a dangerous road it is.

I have driven (Highway) 278 from Augusta to Savannah River Site every work day for over 10 years. There are curves and hills I can't see around or over, but I know of no brush, etc. hanging over the road that will block the view of a normal sighted person. I have never had so much as a close call on this road nor have I personally seen a wreck happen.

I feel the recent accident that took two young lives is a terrible thing, but the road is not the problem.

When a parent puts a young person on a busy road in a 3,000-pound missile with little or no training or driving experience, they are asking for trouble -- especially when they have friends with them to distract them or a 1,000-watt stereo blasting wide open.

Anyone who drives responsibly and pays attention to what he or she is doing will have no trouble on this or any other road.

If these people want to see the real problem, I suggest they look in the mirror ..., and take responsibility for themselves and quit blaming others or in this case a road.

Charles Parham,Hephzibah


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