Originally created 05/26/98

Cites arguments for opposing abortion 052698 - The Augusta Chronicle

Every life deserves the chance to live; therefore, abortions should be illegal. Abortions are painful in more ways than you may think. You go through the pain of having it done, then you have it on your mind all the time. So, there is emotional, mental and physical pain involved.

Many people say they cannot afford another mouth to feed. And if you step back and take a look at what you are doing, you cannot afford an abortion either. It is not easy to have an abortion.

If you make the choice not to abstain, you should not make the choice to kill the life that grows inside you. If you do not think you are ready, you can give the child to a family that cannot have kids. You make another person happy and be saving a life. If not for another person, do it for yourself.

Veronica Greenwood, Beech Island

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