J.B. White parent company bought out

WBBQ cutting news staff

Little known about Beanie Baby manufacturing

New toll-free prefix called on

Delta to create 200 local jobs

Some bizarre tales of Beanie Babies

Interest rate rise unlikely

New owner to sell shops

NBC's plan for affiliates sign of the times

Business briefs

Additional business news

Breast cancer research lifting stocks

Senate debates bill to create more visas

Historic auction house sold

Cinema merger gets OK

Nonindustrial work grows in area

Columbia sells five of seven N.C. hospitals

Navy jets to move to Beaufort

`Glueballs' hold things together

Appointments cut by commissioners

Proposed budget for schools up

Police crack down on seatbelt violations

Conviction tossed on technicality

Toddler fights same disease as golfer

Canal cruise

Governor seeks aid for victims

A wet race

Getting water water park beech area

Cancer drug development sparks hope

Landfill case renews attention on open-meeting law

Taking a dive

Hot weather comes early for Augusta

Church aids Ukraine needy

Residents oppose local housing plan

Board denies parole in Richey slaying

Patriotic preparation

Weeds in pond possibly contributed to 14-year-old's death

Additional area news

County seeking series

Fire guts Allendale structure

Senator could be bounced from office

Teen accused in crime spree goes to trial

Local and area briefs

Man challenging state's anti-sodomy law

Inmate labor limited

Southern Mormons gather for address

Commission slows trailer park growth

Defense bill schedules $80 million for SRS

General holds town meeting

Court: Meeting did not violate FOI rules

Sheriff requests staffing

Fond farewell

Having fun swinging in the sun

Delta's good choice 052098 - The Augusta Chronicle

No more Freaknik 051998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Says city should make road four lanes 051998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Declares men can be promiscuous, too 051998 - The Augusta Chronicle

... yet offers good bill 052098 - The Augusta Chronicle

A deserved extension! 051998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Blasts student behavioral problem 052098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Want deadly highway made safe 051998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Seeks control of Columbia Co. growth 052098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Supports re-election of councilwoman 052098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Red China's `attack' 051998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Crying over onions ... 052098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Supports Wheale election as judge 051998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Laments animals killed in traffic 052098 - The Augusta Chronicle

Blasts `misuse' of Scripture quote 051998 - The Augusta Chronicle

Earnhardt hopes Charlotte leads to recovery

Tigers facing bumpy path en route to World Series

Sand Gnats snap streak

Overtime: A sports wrap-up

Jordan takes Bulls to 2-0 over Pacers

A quarter way in, Braves lead the pack

Team pays tribute to late golfer

Madison County set for Greenbrier

Glavine subdues Astros

Future Lady Jaguar perfect in playoffs

Kite puts crashes, bad luck behind him

Pacers look to adjust

GreenJackets win sixth in row

Boxer sues Holmes for a blinding jab

Vikings believe Clancy lacks cash to close deal

St. Louis has work left with Detroit

Faldo, Miller named to Hall of Fame

Langham, Taylor Volpitto pass first U.S. Open test

No contest plea entered by Mays

Greenbrier title opener on Thursday

Old-timer Jazz stop Lakers

Braves notes: Smoltz pays price for elbow surgeries

Tommie Smith: no regrets over '68 protest

Jordan gets votes this time

Olie next roadblock for Sabres

Overtime: Paine's Williams leaving baseball job after three years

Drew fails in bid to become free agent

Marlins fans take team to court

Baseball roundup: Piazza a hit for Marlins

Rankin lies yards ahead of competition

'Frasier' to fill 'Seinfeld' slot

Updated fire-and-brimstone campaign targets MTV generation

Diana's estate, memorial fund sue Franklin Mint

Godzilla arrives: What does Hollywood have against New York anyway?

Red, white and blue cake celebrates patriotic holiday

Shadow puppet art form struggles

Financial compromise is important

Ad designer helps transform ideas into creative images

Everyone in Myrtle Beach crosses fingers over Memorial Day weekend

Changing pace

Lighter pineapple upside down cake has plenty of flavor, but a lot less fat

Source of fatigue may be in lifestyle

The supermarket shopper: Campbell missed the mark with its new product

Senior calendar

Drug ads profit only manufacturers

Colorful salad to be featured at Napa auction

Long-term separations usually mean it's over

Audio bestsellers

Xtreme calendar

'Godzilla' takes movie goers to the Xtreme

Full-figured model breaks stereotypes


Xtreme style

Yearbooks remain an annual rite of spring

Internet fosters thriving secondary market in Beanie Babies

Lack of funds forces cancellation of Croatan dig

Microsoft not alone: Government investigates Intel

Chamber of Commerce holds lobbying conference via Internet

MCI may sell off Internet business, sources say

Air Force conducts successful 'Raptor' test

Gates may be facing biggest fight of his life

Seneca man creates device for Titanic explorers

House votes to restrict database pirating

Pagemill 3.0 makes web page building easy

Web useful for area code decoding

Satellite interrupts pager use

NASA aims for June 2 launch despite leak

Clinton has faith in anti-trust team

To the moon and back -- and back again

New fighter jet tested in aftermath of complaints over progress