Originally created 05/18/98

Ga. malingerers 051898 - The Augusta Chronicle

Who is at the helm of Georgia's secretary of state office which, among other things, is supposed to oversee ballot security and monitor vote fraud?

No one.

Assistant Secretary of State Cathy Cox reminded Georgians last week that she's trying to run day-to-day operations of the office, yet has decided to reduce her work week as a public servant in order to make more time for -- you guessed it -- running for secretary of state.

She has every intention, though, of collecting her full state paycheck.

Where's current Secretary of State Lewis Massey? He's shirking his duties while galavanting about the state campaigning for the Democratic nomination for governor.

It's grossly unfair to taxpayers that both keep clinging to their jobs -- and public paychecks -- while ignoring calls to resign from opposing candidates, newspapers (including ours) and just plain frustrated constituents who have to deal with the office on everything ranging from business and securities regulations to obtaining licenses.

Remember that both Massey and Cox are running in Georgia's July Democratic primary. What if they both become emeshed in vote-buying or ballot fraud scandals (as has occurred in the Dodge County Democratic primary and in other Democrat strongholds)? Will their subordinate employees be able to properly investigate allegations or documentations against their bosses, the secretary and assistant secretary? Of course not!


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