Originally created 05/18/98

Cites evidence leaders leave God out 051898 - The Augusta Chronicle

The newspapers and TV are constantly filled with the same things: We live in a society where God has virtually been taken out of everything by none other than our government leaders.

In one state you have to get permission from parents to have tattoos and body piercing before age 18, but there's no consent needed for abortion. Alcohol is legal to sell, but they lock you up for intoxication. A doctor gives prescription drugs, most often sold on street corners. But, if an official gets caught with drugs or DUI or stealing his excuse is he "used bad judgment."

We have substituted morality so many times for the dollar. We justify the lottery because a few dollars trickle down to classrooms. We justify bingo for what reason I don't know.

Parents leave weapons laying around so kids have access to carry them to school to kill other innocent kids.

We send money to foreign countries so they can train and send terrorists to kill our people.

We elect a president who is a flagrant violator of morality and legality.

We let our kids watch things on TV that warp their minds for a lifetime. ...

Finally, preachers in the pulpit read from the Bible. But in reality many don't even believe that Jesus Christ is alive and coming back to take his faithful home....

Howard Boyd, Langley

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