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Says parents gave up control of children 051898 - The Augusta Chronicle

The past several months have been filled with news of violence due to the actions of young teen-agers. To many, the events are a troubling surprise. However, I believe there is a simple explanation for what has occurred and what will most likely continue to occur. The generation that is coming up is confused, bitter, and lonely. They have been brought up at day-care centers and raised with the mentality that they are entitled to everything and anything they want. Many have never been shown the loving authority of parents who want a meaningful relationship with their kids.

Unfortunately, in a rush to go to work, mothers have allowed strangers to raise their children. We live in a materialistic society and many have forgotten that their kids do not need all of the little luxuries as much as they need parents who provide guidance, security, and comfort.

Rules and consequences for breaking them have become obsolete, parents have no control over their children. The rules that parents set provide structure and discipline for kids of all ages. Also, rules help kids learn morals as well as respect for others and themselves. Furthermore, with the absence of involved parents, young kids are looking to figures like movie stars and sports players to be their role models. Kids no longer look up to their parents because they do not know them, much less have a relationship with them.

Over the past several years, adults have forgotten the responsibilities of having children and the training that is involved in raising them. Kids become what they are raised to become. The events in a young child's life impact who they will become. Perhaps society should spend less time focusing on grown kids and more time on how young children are being raised today.

Carl Holloway, Jackson

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