Originally created 05/18/98

Protests possible closing of landfill 051898 - The Augusta Chronicle

The Columbia County landfill recently stopped accepting yard trash. Our trash hauler will accept a small amount of yard trash weekly at our expense.

Once or twice a month I have yard trash in excess of what my trash hauler will take, so I transport it to the next landfill on Blackstone Camp Road.

Earlier in the year, there was a news item about closing a landfill on Hardy-McManus Road, which I did not know existed. So, that left the one on Blackstone Camp Road available, but no advance notice about closing it was put out.

In my trips to the Blackstone Camp Road site, I noticed a steady stream of tree and lawn service people, as well as other private citizens, coming in. Closing this landfill will adversely affect them, as well as destroy Bill Hensley's business.

This landfill provides a needed service and should remain open.

Bernard J. Ramirez, Evans

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