Originally created 05/17/98

Ponders bustle on peaceful back road 051798 - The Augusta Chronicle

They come from all directions -- the rich and poor, the black and white, young girls and middle-aged men, in sports cars and clunkers, radio cabs and ice cream vans, jeeps and luxury sedans, bicyclists and pedestrians; they come from out of town, out of state and from my very own, home-sweet-home, Augusta.

What could bring them down such a peaceful and scarcely-traveled back alley as mine? It couldn't be church, because there aren't any churches down there, and besides, after such frequent visits, morning, noon and evening, they would have to be pretty religious by now.

What is it that attracts them that they should come so frequently, yet remain only five minutes, while their chauffeurs circle the block to pick them back up? How could they come from so far, yet never seek to be entertained for long? I guess with so much company, they would rather not wear out their welcome. And why do they wear coats in the spring time? Cold blooded, I guess.

That one guy who wears his headset and constantly circles the block in his baby-less, baby-seat bicycle, is one of the most humorous. Perhaps he's telling his wife what he wants for dinner.

Oh! There goes another one of our commanding law enforcement officers in his taxpayer-provided, brand new marked car, shining his light under the vacant house on the other side of the street! I guess he's convinced all is love and peace in this neighborhood. President Clinton would be proud of him right now. Safety, at last! Say, when do the fireworks begin? I wonder if God is amused?

Timothy Fellows, Jr., Augusta


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