Originally created 05/17/98

Urges a better recycling program 051798 - The Augusta Chronicle

I have a question and comment for Augusta concerning its recycling program. Since the program began in 1992, Augusta's citizens have been paying $285,120 a year to have recyclables picked up from each house at the curb. After the service was privatized, the number of residents involves dropped considerably because the blue bags were not conveniently acquired.

But Augusta's citizens still paid $285,120 per year even though the recycling services were not being used. Where has the money been going all those years?

Whether the problem is with the residents or with the directors of the project, there must be a more sensible solution than demolishing the whole recycling program. If the problem is in the residents not participating, then use the money that has been practically given to the recycling services over the years to make recycling easier for Augustans. There are literally thousands of communities in the United States that would serve as a viable role model.

One step would be to provide strong, durable bins instead of bags that can only be used once. This would cut down on much of the unnecessary work and inconvenience. This should be done even if distributing bins across Augusta means that it would cost its residents $2 per month instead of $1.44 per month. Paying $2 for a successfully operating recycling program is much more economical than wasting $1.44 for a failure.

If the problem is in the directors of the project then find replacements that can handle the situation.

Augusta needs a recycling program, if not to modernize the city, then to make the city less environmentally problematic for our children. Don't destroy the recycling program, improve it.

Jeannette M. Sprecher, Augusta


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