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Wants planning for ball park events 051798 - The Augusta Chronicle

May 2 was the night for all Recreation Department T-ball and baseball players to go to the Augusta GreenJackets game in support of their team. As would be expected, all of these children were very excited to be with their teammates. They were told to wear their team uniforms and they would get in free.

But upon arriving at the stadium one hour before the game was to start, we found that the line to get in was from the gate, snaked through the parking lot, then down the sidewalk past the State Patrol office. Needless to say there was nowhere to park.

A lot of children were very disappointed when their parents decided to leave instead of standing in the extremely long line on the chance that they may not be able to get in.

I think it is a shame these events are not planned better by those who are in charge.

Anyone who has a child who plays for the county, either Richmond or Columbia, is aware of the numerous teams that the county has. And to attempt to schedule both counties for this event on the same night is a joke! Or better yet, what it is, a nightmare! Not only do you have almost every child who plays ball for both counties, but you have the parents, siblings, grandparents and friends of each child.

This may not seem like a "big deal" to some people, but to these kids it was a very big deal. I only hope the organizers consider this next time so that all of the ball players will be able to go to the game and represent their team.

Lynn Borton, Martinez

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